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Kilkaari : Nursery to Grade II

We believe that a child’s cumulative healthy brain development begins before the age of 6, indicating the crucial need of appropriate care and stimulation of the brain growth. We emphasize on better development of ethical and moral education among students by consistent play – based, activity – based and inquiry – based learning approach. We develop the ability to read and write and perform basic operations in numbers as a necessary foundation and prerequisite for lifelong learning. Even, the future of our generation is technologically evolved, hence we focus to make students technology savvy and self dependent in situations like COVID-19.

Natkhat : Grade III to V

Our school aims in developing the unique capabilities of students by sensitizing teachers as well as parents to promote each child’s holistic development in academic and non – academic sphere. Focus on developing a self – learning approach with real life skills to meet the challenges of current scenarios. We provide a platform for the students to exchange their idea and improve their learning skills. Children are unable to learn optimally when they are undernourished or unwell hence, wel also address on student’s mental health and wellness by different programmes. Effective communication, problem solving approach and critical thinking are all part of the curriculum.

Yuvaah : Grade VI to VIII

“WHEN WHY IS CLEAR, HOW IS EASY!!” We develop a sense of responsibility among the students to overcome their fear and enhance their strength to be great leaders. The school focuses on regular formative assessments on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) patterns to evaluate the progress of students. A range of formal and informal assessment procedures are followed by educational experts with descriptive feedback to parents and helps students to improve their performance.

Kishore : Grade IX to XII

Education means the growth of a student's personality, which includes the mental, emotional, physical, ethical, and social development of the student and not confined to intellectual training only. In all the stages of education, we adopt experiential learning including hands – on learning, arts – integrated and sports – integrated education. Experiential learning focuses not only on creating joyful classroom learning but also develops skills of teamwork, self direction and self initiative approach. Classroom learning also helps students to adopt fitness as a lifelong attitude to achieve relatable life skills envisaged in the Fit India Movement.