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Our Philosophy


Take intellectual risks; Develop cross-disciplinary knowledge & global perspectives & Use natural curiosity to promote intrinsic motivation and love of learning.


Identify, manage, and solve complex local and global problems; Evaluate validity of information by filtering for bias and reliability; Ask meaningful questions; Analyze, synthesize and apply knowledge.

Philosophy of the institution is built around the iconic banyan tree, to impart a deep rooted foundation to our children so that they can spread out their being to become a giver to the world. Trees are our inspirational source, lifeline to every breathing soul in the universe that showers its virtues-Fresh air, shade and fruits-to all the beneficiaries without any discrimination,motivated us to the venture into the field of education. Influenced by philosophy, we, at DIS educate the new generation by inculcating in them good manners and healthy habits of sharing, caring, learning, respecting and loving one and all. Inspired by the multifarious qualities of the banyan tree. We have adopted it as our new logo. It is not only huge but the widest reaching roots of known trees that send off new shoots from its roots. It regenerates and lives for an incredible length of time. Its size and leafy shelter are valued as a place of rest, reflection and protection


Emotional Strength to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.


Children learn how they affect the environment & how the environment affects them, including important concepts, such as aesthetics, respect, caring for the earth, and the interrelationships among humans and the habitat to promote Sustainability.


Social well being by understanding & acting on compassion for self, others and the earth.

The Visionaries and Mentors Edge

We are glad to introduce our Visionarice and Mentors Edge

Former Chairman DIS Group

Words are insufficient as we write about our dear Sir, who was a true teacher, guide and philosopher of Delhi International Group of Schools.

Dr. R.P. Singhal held various senior responsible positions in his time from being the former CBSE chairman to the Advisor of World Bank. In April 2007, he was honored with the "Lifelong contribution to School Education Award" by the Chief Minister of Delhi.

His words like beacon of light continue to inspire us to toll for the noble cause of education. His lofty ideas and profound wisdom have been the motivating forces that have raised DIS on to a higher platform of progress and growth.

Group Chairman

'A right step in the right direction, with the right intentions for benchmarking the highest ambitions' T

The Sun is the ultimate source of light extinguishing the darkness of the world, the infinite symbol of benevolence, the eternal source of inspiration. The knowledge, likewise, magnifies its radiance to brighten up the man’s position to transform it from the wilderness to the supreme glory. Having an indelible imprint of this thought—Delhi International School came into existence, founded by the philanthropist and a successful business magnate Mr Mahesh Kumar with an ambition to engage some of the brilliant minds of the region in the process of developing India as a frontrunner in the path of success.

Today, DIS Group of Schools, enthused by this inspiring tree has adopted it as Group’s Logo and is spreading its branches in Dwarka and soon in Gurgaon . The Group apart from running its own schools goes out of the way to reach out the underprivileged masses. In its corporate social service endeavor, it has silently adopted over 100 schools in Rajasthan along with other infrastructure to provide them with the basic facilities .

This is DIS Group’s first move towards the exploration of new horizons to groom students holistically and ultimately.


Shri Y.P. Purang is the honourable chairman of DIS. He retired as Additional Chairman of DOE after 35 years of distinguished service with the Chairman of DOE , G.N.C.T Delhi. During his service, he brought out many reforms in the functioning of school, students and teachers. He was considered a kind, helpful and very popular officer, easily approachable for the redressal of the grievances of students, teachers and also their Parents.

In addition to his normal duties in the dept because of excellent academic background in the field of science, he was associated with NCERT, SCERT, CBSE, D.B.T.B and DoE as their resource person. In the field of science education, he was also associated with various committees of NCERT and CBSE for curriculum development, Text Book writing then review and then approval for the Science book of class VI to XII.

He was also associated with CBSE for many years as Member of its Governing Body, Member of Advisory Board, Member of SCERT, DoE and Advisory Board Member of PMT, PRE, DENTAL.

He has been writer of many books in Science, Biology including Text books approved by some boards including CBSE.

He is recipient of State Award Delhi, Dr Radhakrishnan Award and National Award for meritorious services in the field of education.

Padmashree Shri Anand Kumar Renowned Educationalist & Founder of Super 30 Curriculum Advisor of DIS Group of Schools

“You are the artist of your own life. Don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else”

Padmashree Shri Anand Kumar is an Indian Mathematician and columnist. He is well known for his Super 30 class which he started in Patna, Bihar. He educates economically underprivileged students for the IIT-JEE, the Indian Institutes of Technology’s entrance exams (IITs).

He is our Curriculum Advisor and a specialist at encouraging pupils. He even makes special visits to meet the students. Shri Kumar’s story empowers and inspires the children because it shows how people may utilize failure as a stepping stone to new heights via tenacity, courage and a positive mindset.

Executive Director

The school's achievement is the result of many people's dreams and tireless efforts. Among them, the name of Shri Bhagat Singh shines out like a pole star. He is the school's executive director. He is a man with more than 40 years of teaching and administrative experience.

He is a strong leader and a thorough academician with a professional attitude. His mantra has always been " Better the best ". He has made a significant contribution to the growth of DIS Dwarka into an outstanding institution with a clear focus on developing global leaders with hearts.

Shri Bhagat Singh is well known for his perseverance and unwavering quest of greatness, just like the fruit-laden tree that leans more humbly to the earth.

He is a consummate scholar who lives by Jerry Morgan's quote:

"Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process"

Ms.Anubha Srivastava


In the path called life
During the course of time
When we walk into the sunset
Let it not be said
We lived only for ourselves
And what is our own”
With Best Wishes
Ms Anubha Srivastava

From Principal's Desk

”It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

The world is fast changing and becoming increasingly uncertain and competitive. The real mantra of success is to be able to dream, a dream that has a community vision, and to work hard to turn the dream to a reality, standing true to the challenges of time, people and the climate.

At DIS edge, the vision and philosophy of the institution is build around the iconic banyan tree, to impart deep rooted foundation to our children so that they can spread out their being to become a giver to the world. We have carefully curated and picked the learning methodologies that ensure the development of the core skills required for the future: creativity, critical thinking & problem solving. A balanced exposure to technology and values is ensured to foster the right blend of EQ and IQ. The learners are exposed to real life situations for observing, fighting and nurturing with empathy and environment consciousness. The assessments are developed to inculcate self discovery over recall skill; enabling children to discover themselves and understand their innate skills likes and dislikes.

The world is sustained by collaboration and not competition. We uphold the idea that education is most definitely a stirring of the intellect and imagination along with the development of right judgment and an inclination of being of service to our community in whatever situation we find ourselves in. The school is a second home to the children. At home, the involvement of the parents with the children shapes their basic attitudes and interests. The culture of the family is deeply ingrained in their subconscious. The diverse families become one extended family in school, learning from and blending together, enriching themselves further in the secure environment of the school. DIS Edge is the link to nurture the culture of the children to community thought for tomorrow.

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