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Concept Note

Education for life happens beyond the four walls of the classroom. The children of tomorrow will require a set of essential "Life Skills" to navigate and succeed in the future. Effective communication, interpersonal relations, and multitasking ability are fostered and chiselled by multidomain exposure and diverse challenges. What better way to beat the summer heat than gathering a bag full of skills in a safe environment, giving a wide spectrum, and keeping anxious parents relaxed?

About the Program

Welcome to DIS Edge Summer Camp, where fun meets growth in an environment tailored for your child's summer adventure!

Our program is not just any ordinary summer camp; it's a curated experience crafted by seasoned professionals to ensure your child's personal development while having a blast. From budding athletes to aspiring artists, there's something for everyone in our diverse array of activities.

Picture your child immersed in sports, exploring their creativity in performing and visual arts, or diving into exciting co-curricular and co-scholastic pursuits. Our tailored approach ensures that each camper gets to explore their interests and talents while making unforgettable memories.

But it's not just about the bundle of activities; it's about the connections made. At DIS Edge, we believe in creating a tight-knit community where friendships flourish and inclusivity reigns. Our program Is a well-knit extravaganza with exposure to holistic developmental domains. Your child will interact with peers from all walks of life, fostering essential social skills, empathy, and a profound sense of belonging.

Through teamwork, cooperation, and the joy of shared experiences, campers learn valuable interpersonal skills that extend far beyond the summer months. Join us at DIS Edge Summer Camp, where every moment is an opportunity for growth, friendship, and endless fun!

The children have the option to enroll in: 


  1. Only Sports Camp OR Only Activity Camp @Rs.4,000/- 
  2. Sports and Activity Camp @Rs.8,000/- 
  3. Bring one friend and get off of Rs. 1500/-
  4. Special Workshop for Parents on 26th May,24 Sunday 
  5. Camp Culmination with Exhibition and presentation by children on Saturday 1st June’24. 

Complimentary "Author a book" training for each participant. A print copy of the book shall be provided to children upon completion of the book, published by a renowned publishing house.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register my ward in the camp?

    *Decide your schedule (sports/activities/both)

    *Select your choice of sports (anyone from the given list)

    *Pay at the school’s Accounts Desk OR to the class teacher

    *Upon payment, the sports Camp I-Card will be given to the child/parents

  • Will the child get the certificate?


  • Will the meals be provided to the students?

    No, but the paid canteen facility will be available at subsidized rates.

  • Will transport be provided to the students?


  • Are parents allowed in the school during the camp?