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Welcome to Delhi International School Edge ; a campus where everyday is a celebration of diversity, inclusion and individualism in a global community. The world is changing rapidly and the teaching-learning at DIS Edge is dynamically evolving to suit 21st century educational needs. We understand that academic excellence has to go hand in hand with brilliance in Co curricular and sports arenas. A rich and varied programme of co-curricular activities throughout the week including music, sport, drama as well as an extensive range of other pursuits help girls and boys of all ages to develop confidence and the social skills they will need to be happy and successful in the ever-changing global workplace. We foster a culture of high expectations, ambition and staying true to our vision, the importance of being the best version of ourselves. We promote an intrinsic development of love of all-round learning. We are committed to providing a diverse spectrum of opportunities for intellectual,

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DIS Edge redefined the teaching methodology with Integrated Learning Management...

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DIS believes that a healthy body promotes a sound mind. There are facilities to deal with the routine...

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At DIS Edge we believe in enabling children to realize their own potential to excellence...

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At DIS Edge we believe in enabling children to realize their own potential to excellence...

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