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School Counselor Support

In the current scenario, the very thought of monitoring the psychological well-being of students needs to be appreciated. Education is not about loading a child with information. It is just to develop the body and the mind to the highest possible capability. The human mind thinks both emotionally and rationally. Right from birth, until adulthood, a child undergoes progressive stages of development with cultural, social, genetic and environmental factors contributing towards his/hers mental development. We at school level initiate to improve and enhance the mental health of students along with parent-teacher meetings sessions on realizing the normal and abnormal psychological patterns of a child which can help parents to understand how to communicate and connect with their child in the best way possible. Also, assisting parents and teachers in identifying children’s needs and supporting their development. We also teach the students to appreciate and respect their bodies. They need to be educated about the difference between good touch and bad touch so as to prevent harassment of children. Create awareness about the importance of learning martial arts.

Special Education Support

We have an approach to facilitate the special needs of students' and offer varied avenues to enable their participation in different academic and cocurricular activities in an inclusive environment.. There is a well facilitated SEN Department with qualified faculty. The subject teachers are also trained with the relevant skills for understanding the SEN requirements.

After School Subject Support

The After School Subject Program aims to create a bridge between classroom - study and self – study of students. Our program may transform the student’s capabilities into active learning time. It can also help the students to revise what they have learnt in schools. Our program gives students vital chances to fulfill their full potential and provide support to help all children maintain a minimal learning level appropriate to their age and class. It helps students with improved self – esteem and better academic results in the long run.

Career & Guidance Cell

We at Delhi International School aspires to provide relevant academic and career information to enable Students to make informed decisions along the way. We aim at bridging the gap between school education, higher education and the industry. Career Guidance Cell continuously engages the students in various informative career-oriented sessions, panel discussions, one on one sessions to enhance the student’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration & career planning. Students are given specific advice on career options that are mapped and aligned to their passions/interests. We also assist students in achieving their career goals and serving as a bridge schooling to their college experience allowing them to put what they've learned into practice.

Vocations and Skilling

We have incorporated life skills and vocational training as an integral part of the curriculum to enhance the application based aids. Various activities are designed round the year keeping in view the wholesome development of children in mind. School provides world class training in calligraphy, pottery, vocal music, different dance forms, band, swimming, fitness and well being, different art forms such as Madhubani arts, art and craft, digital literacy, ceramics and clay classes. We firmly believe in taking children out of the classroom spaces to experience the real world through varied experiments and hand-on activities.Our aim is to foster the child in all dimensions of his or her life— moral, spiritual, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. Therefore, an important goal of our curriculum is to enable children to learn how to learn and to develop an appreciation of the value and practice of lifelong learning.

Student Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not confined to economic activities and creation of start-ups, it embraces other areas of life, like stimulating students to think creatively and aspiringly. At DIS Edge we believe in providing our children with understanding of concepts of entrepreneurship through our creative teaching approaches. Our teachers aid students with a pleasant environment and high-quality teaching to develop a proper entrepreneurial mindset that leads them towards success. Such students develop the ability to recognize opportunities, think critically, solve problems creatively and above all learn to push boundaries. As our active and young minds are still dependent on teachers for edifying them, it is our responsibility to help them open for them the world of possibilities in a creative way.

Emotional and Mental Well Being

Well-being is intrinsically linked to all aspects of a student’s experience at school and beyond. It encompasses physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social health and development, and contributes to an understanding of self, to developing and maintaining relationships with others, and to participation in an active, healthy lifestyle. DIS Edge has adapted a whole school approach which involves everyone (schools leaders, teachers, staff and parents) to embed a safe and inclusive learning culture and environments, including: providing social and emotional skills programs providing timely support for those with additional needs involving students and families in decision-making. When school staff, leaders, teachers and educators are given the resources and tools to promote and model behaviors, values and inclusivity, this improves teacher-student relationships and builds inclusive and safe school communities to support everyone's wellbeing and improved learning outcomes. The curriculum focuses on supporting students to develop the understanding and skills they require to make healthy and safe choices that will enhance their own and others' health and wellbeing.